Thank you for visiting the Save Our Schools (SOS) website. SOS is a grassroots movement to uplift small town voices as it pertains to the education of our towns’ children and the wellbeing of its citizens.

And it did just that! On March 2nd, by votes ranging from 76.5% to 86.8%, the six other towns in the ACSD voted to ratify Ripton's vote to withdraw from the district!

Even better, we are happy to announce that on May 19th the State Board of Education approved Ripton's request to withdraw from ACSD with conditions for final approval in July 2022. Students will remain in ACSD schools for the 2021-2022 school year. The conditions are based on the new Ripton School Board working out an exit plan with ACSD, as well as establishing which district will be providing supervisory services, such as special education, business office, and such. That work will need to be accomplished by the meeting of the State Board in mid-September.

As we proceed we will continue to need the support of our community and friends in our surrounding towns to make this dream a reality. Though we are in a good place, having accomplished the first two of many steps ahead of us, there are still many legal hurdles we will need to cross. All contributions will go towards the efforts to reach our final goal to fully and completely reclaim our school!

We hope you continue to check in to see our progress as things unfold.

Onward we forge!